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Interventional Spine
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Interventional Pain Management Care at Cantor Spine Center

Living without pain is something many of us take for granted in our everyday lives. Pain stops us from doing many activities we love, leading to drastic lifestyle changes and even affecting mental health. Interventional Pain Management at Cantor Spine Center at the Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute uses numerous advanced minimally invasive methods and treatment options to reduce pain to help patients regain an active life free of pain.

What is Interventional Pain Management?

According to the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP), interventional pain management is a “discipline of medicine devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of pain-related disorders.” At Cantor Spine Center, with locations in Fort Lauderdale, West Boca, West Palm Beach and Jupiter, we utilize a multidisciplinary approach in which a team of specialists works together to provide a full range of treatment options to alleviate chronic and acute pain.

“Interventional Pain Management” is different from “Traditional Pain Management.” Traditional pain management relies largely on the use of opioids or over-the-counter pain medicine, a medicinal way of treating pain that does not address the root of the pain. Interventional pain management focuses on finding the pain generator to treat, giving patients better outcomes with longer-lasting relief.

Under the expert leadership of Dr. Anthony Giuffrida, our Interventional Pain Management team excels in utilizing cutting-edge, minimally invasive techniques. We aim to diagnose and alleviate pain, promoting rapid and complete recoveries without resorting to opioid medications. Experience the forefront of pain management solutions with us.

The Cantor Spine Interventional Pain Team Specialize In:


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Interventional Pain Management is a great alternative when conservative, traditional methods are not providing exceptional relief. Pain lasting 12 weeks or more or symptoms of increasing pain should lead you to seek consultation with an interventional pain physician.