Second Opinion & Image Review

Cantor Spine Center offers specialized evaluations of CT and/or MRI imaging. By seeking a second opinion, you can gain added assurance in your diagnosis and course of treatment. To be eligible for a Second Opinion & Image Review, all diagnostic imaging (MRI and/or CT) must have been taken within one year of your image review request.

We offer several methods of submitting your diagnostic images. Please see below for options and instructions:


Click on the My Medical Images link below to start your Second Opinion & Image Review process. For a step-by-step guide on how to upload your images, click here.

Once you have uploaded your diagnostic images, please kindly email Your email must include your imaging radiology reports, insurance card (front and back), a picture ID, name of patient, birth date and phone number.


If you are unable to upload your diagnostic images, mail the CD to the address listed below. Please note, we are unable to open any jpeg or zip files and/or access any patient patient portals (doctor, hospital, or diagnostic imaging centers).

Include the following:

    1. CD of your diagnostic imaging
    2. Radiology reports
    3. Insurance card (front and back)
    4. Picture ID
    5. Full name and contact information

Cantor Spine Center
Attention: Brenda Lebron

3000 Bayview Drive
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

Once you have mailed your images and documentation, please kindly email to inform us that your Second Opinion & Image Review request is on its way.


(Accepted Monday, Wednesday, Friday between 8:30-4PM ET)

  1. Travel to our office at 3000 Bayview Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306
  2. Provide the receptionist with an envelope that includes:
    1. CD of your diagnostic imaging
    2. Radiology reports
    3. Insurance card (front and back)
    4. Picture ID
    5. Full name and contact information


After we’ve received your diagnostic images and you’ve filled out the New Patient Intake Form, our medical team will begin assessing your scans. The review typically takes around a week, although it could take longer if we have a backlog of cases to evaluate. Once the review is complete, we’ll reach out to discuss the findings—be it surgical options or pain management strategies—and set up a subsequent appointment.

Your health is our priority, and we aim to give you clarity on your medical situation.

By uploading your medical images, you acknowledge and agree:

  1. That your personally identifiable health care information can be shared with employees of Cantor Spine Center.
  2. That the image review is providing only an informational review of the documents that you are providing.
  3. That the information provided by our Physicians is not a form of diagnosis. A diagnosis can only be made if you have been physically examined by a Cantor Spine Center physician.

Upon receipt of your medical images, Cantor Spine Center will not share your personally identifiable health care information with third parties without your written consent.