When the spinal canal in the neck begins to narrow, it may lead to a condition called cervical spinal stenosis. This narrowing of the spinal canal may squeeze and compress the nerve roots or even the spinal cord itself, causing stiffness, numbness, or weakness in the arms, legs, and the neck. It may also affect bowel and bladder habits in extreme cases. The condition is often caused by a lifetime of wear and tear and the normal aging process as the spinal canal changes in size and shape. Hence, it is more common in older patients. Symptoms may also include hand clumsiness, a loss balance, or even paraplegia in severe cases.

If you have been diagnosed with cervical stenosis and have been told that you needed, or may need surgery, you need to pay attention to Dr. Cantor’s video here. Ultrasonic Technology has enabled the development of new surgical procedures that completely change the way spinal surgery is done.