I fell from a hammock onto the tailbone, ignored the incident apart from coping with the immediate pain, but gradually began experiencing ache and pains in my lower back until it grew to constant pain both in my lower back and finally down my left leg. When I finally saw Dr. Cantor, my L4 was badly degenerated, and L5, S1 were deteriorated. I had bone spurs and fragments in my spine. After extensive surgery in which Dr. Cantor removed the bone spurs and bone fragments, cleared the nerve channels, used two pins to fuse L4/L5, and did extensive bone grafting to L5 and S1, I was on the long road to recovery. It is now two years since surgery, and I am totally pain free. It did take about a year for me to feel fully normal again, but that was because of the bone grafting, which takes time to become part of the spine as cells grow over them. I can’t say that recovery was a breeze. I was a process, and I had to be patient and compliant, but it was totally worth it in the end. I can’t say enough about how brilliant a surgeon Dr. Cantor is. He spent an extra hour in surgery than was intended in order to remove all bone debris, and to insert spacers between L4 and L5, as the discs were completely collapsed. I could not have gotten a better surgeon, who saved me having 8 screws in my back, and brilliantly rebuilt my vertebrae. Thank you. Dr. Cantor.