South Florida Back and Spine Center


Suffered back and leg pain and back spasms for many years. Had many pain injection procedures that after a few years no longer provided relief. Was referred to Dr. Cantor from my shoulder surgeon who did both my shoulder replacements with great success.

Dr. Cantor was not quick to recommended surgery, but made sure it was my only alternative. This was greatly appreciated. But, once surgery was the only option, he began by suggesting dietary, nutritional and exercise actions to prepare me for the surgery and the quickest and most complete recovery. Holy Cross Hospital staff was fantastic and their training procedure to ensure the best adaptation to recovery was excellent and unexpected. I was walking the next day using the techniques and support staff provided by Dr Cantor with little pain and discomfort. I have now been pain free for two years with no negative post surgery aftereffects. I cannot say enough about the expertise and total care provided by Dr Cantor.