Intracept Patient Story

Dr. Giuffrida: Dr. Giuffrida here at Cantor Spine Institute and I'm with Mr. Joyce and he just underwent the Intracept Procedure here about 3 weeks ago. I just wanted you to be able to see how he's doing since the procedure. So, before the procedure, what kind of pain did you have in your lower back?

Mr. Joyce: Oh, 9, 10, 7, 8 all the time. I mean, down my legs. I mean, I had a burning sensation. Stabbing. I mean, I got hurt when I was 33. So, almost 20 years of just pain, constantly.

Dr. Giuffrida: And what kind of activities would make that pain worse?

Mr. Joyce: Sitting, standing, walking, laying -- any kind of physical activity at all would make it bad.

Dr. Giuffrida: And what things have to tried in the past to try to make your pain better?

Mr. Joyce: Well, I've had 10 surgeries. I've had all kinds of epidurals. Pain medication. Everybody's been through that. That sucks. I mean, I've tried stretching, physical therapy. I mean anything and everything that you could do to try to make it comfortable. Sleeping-- I sleep with 6 pillows, I mean -- in between your legs, on your sides, anything that you can try to do to try to alleviate the pain. Anybody that's had chronic back pain, like I've had, has tried everything.

Dr. Giuffrida: Yeah, and we see this a lot. And then, we usually try an intradiscal injection first to see if it relieves his pain. And then he did get some pain relief from that, but then the pain came back like it always does. So, then we performed the Intracept Procedure where we burn the basivertebral nerve that goes to his pain generator in his back. And since the procedure, how have you been doing?

Mr. Joyce: Great. Amazing. Anybody that wants to do this, I highly recommend it. I mean, the funniest thing about it is my neighbor's like, "You're taller!" And my wife's like, "You're happier!" Even people that have known me and seen me move - - they're like, I have never seen you be able to get out of a chair or to stand up that fast or to do things. And, I'm telling you now, I'm sleeping better and I'm happier. I have zero low back pain at this time. So, it's been amazing.

Dr. Giuffrida: And that's our goal with the procedure. My goal always is to get patients back to doing what they love and just feeling better about their life. Being happier. So, Mr. Joyce is a great example of how things went. And as always, if you want to contact Mr. Joyce, about the procedure, he'd be more than happy to talk to you about it. Give us a call here at567-1332 or visit our website at Cantorspine.com to find out more about this procedure. Thank you very much, Mr. Joyce.

Mr. Joyce: Thanks, Doc! Appreciate it.

Dr. Giuffrida:  I'm glad it went really well.

To learn more about the Intercept Procedure or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Giuffrida, please call 954-567-1332.

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