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Jahangir “John” Asghar, MD Selected for Florida Orthopaedic Society’s Emerging Leaders Program

We’re thrilled to share Dr. Asghar is named to the Florida Orthopaedic Society’s 2018 Emerging Leaders Program. The program provides a learning and networking platformfor six future board-certified leaders selected by the Florida Orthopaedic Society to lead the organization for the next 10 – 20 years. The Florida Orthopaedic Society works hand-in-hand with the Florida Medical Association’s Political Action Committee (FMA PAC).

As part of the Emerging Leaders Program recognition, Dr. Asghar represented the Florida Orthopedic Society as a delegate at the Florida Medical Association’s Annual Meeting in Orlando in early August. There, he joined his peers in preparing for the future, outlining 2019 goals, and celebrating medical advances of the past year. The weekend involved a deep dive into reviewing health and policy issues affecting both the healthcare industry, and the people it serves, throughout the state.

For years, Dr. Asghar avoided any meaningful advocacy outside of his one-on-one patient care. Over the past few years, he appreciates the absolute need to get involved in health policy issues affecting the state of Florida. “Age, wisdom, maturity, and extensive experience have had a profound effect on my practice,” shared Dr. Asghar. “As I look to the future of healthcare, I understand it’s imperative that to lend my voice and actively engage in the dialogue to protect our patients, our practice, and our profession.”

The Florida Medical Association Alliance supports the well-being of patients, families, caregivers, physicians, and communities across the state. The organization exists for the betterment of all its stakeholders – advancing health-related initiatives and encouraging and engaging advocacy. Prior FMA PAC accomplishments include the founding of Professional Resource Network (PRN), the Good Government Lunch, Days in Tallahassee, as well as the successful lobbying to pass legislation surrounding child safety restraints in cars, restaurant smoking, and the requirement that all school districts offer half-day Kindergarten programs (at minimum).

For over 90 years, the FMA PAC has worked to advance the policy agenda of the Florida Medical Association. The FMA PAC is Florida’s number one medical PAC, enjoying the widespread support of healthcare professionals from around the state. The two major initiatives the organization is focusing on in 2019 are combatting the opioid crisis, and ensuring all residents have sufficient [better, easier, consistent, affordable] access to care.

Source: Florida Medical Association Alliance + Florida Orthopaedic Society

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